Ollie’s Journal

~~ Edmund found one of Oliver Miller’s journals and this is what it had to say.. ~~


Western Atlin, as depicted by Oliver Miller.

Nov 15, 1031
— Left Page, heading to Mountainview. Sent by Professor Woodrow.

Nov 16
— Two cows disappeared from the Ingalls farm in Mountainview. Six worg and eight goblin tracks found leading the cows in a SW direction.

Town of Mountainview

Nov 17
— Two sheep disappeared from the Wilson farm. Cavey didn’t find any tracks. Montia and Jimmy went to scout.

Nov 18
Cavey went south to have a look around. Said he’d be back by sundown. First snow started to fall this morning in Mountainview. Montia and Jimmy came back that evening.

Nov 19
— I arrived in Mountainview (elevation 1500m). I’m staying at the Baker farm. Home of Brian, Ellen, and their sixteen year old daughter Kyla, who is beautiful and sassy.

Destrachan, as seen by Oliver Miller.

Nov 20
9:30 AM: I leave to look for Cavey along Ranger Creek10:30 AM: Cross the log at Ranger Creek following Cavey’s tracks through the snow. 12:30 PM: Still followed tracks along the creek through shin deep snow. 1:30 PM: Found cave entrance where the creek flowed from. 1:45PM: Entered cave and found freshly blasted stone. Smelled that unformetable stone-crushed smell. Suspected destrachan activity. Went into ten foot diameter tunnel 100 yards and found secondary tunnel heading left. Heard screaming further up the main tunnel and found a hollowed cave on the right 30 yards ahead. Cavey was there. I gave him a healing potion and picked him up to take him out of there. He started screaming because of the pain of his two badly broken legs. I had to knock him unconsious but it was too late.

The destrachan heard the screams and started coming towards us using it’s sonics to bore through the stone. The sound was deafening. I ran carrying Cavey. Made it past the first tunnel. The destrachan blasted back into the main tunnel and probably went to check on Cavey. There was silence for a few seconds and then I heard the sonics coming up from behind as I was running. We got hit by the sonic blast, which killed Cavey. I dropped him and kept running. I got hit with another blast which knocked me down. I got up and made it out of the cave. I scrambled up the snowbank and froze motionless to look back. This is the first time I saw the creature. It came within 5 feet of the main cave entrance. I could see it listening. It disappeared back into the cave after a minute. 3 PM: headed back to Mountainview feeling like I was severely beaten. Felt better but tired by the time I got back. 5 PM: back at the Baker farm just in time to interrupt dinner. I tell everyone what happened.

Wilcox Creek Caves, leading to the room with the Stone Table.

Nov 21
9 AM: Leave with Kyla and Montia and head south west around Eagle Mountain. 11 AM: Got to the mouth of the cave at Wilcox Creek. 11:45 AM: Heard the destrachan, ran away and found the big stone table. Had all the battles. Killed two bugbears, two worgs, and had the destrachan encounter. 5 PM: arrived back in the fenced compound.

Nov 22
— Sleep all day. Brief chats with Father Young.

Nov 23
9 AM: Wake up. Talk about Father Avgustus.

Nov 24
— Rest and train.

Nov 25
12 PM: Ivy comes in to town with the potion of silence.

Nov 26
— Go out, destrachan hunting at 9 AM. 3 PM: get back after killing the destrachan, five bugbears, six goblins, one worg.

Nov 27
— Wake up all in one room of the common house. Met Jimmy and chopped wood. 7 PM: dinner time. Talk to Brian and Jimmy.

Nov 28
— Train with Ivy. At noon Brian takes us into the meeting room. Nov 29: Go back into caves to search around. Fight the dark figure and Ivy died from the gas cloud it issued fourth. Get back at 11 PM. We talk to the doctor and Brian about the creature and the doctor thought it was an undead of some sort.

Wilcox Creek Caves, Stone Table Closeup.

Nov 30
— Rested and healed all day.

Dec 1
— Woke up late in bedroom with Montia and Kyla. 10 AM: walk into Suitors Revenge, the bar in Mountainview. Lawrence the barkeep is there. Brian is there looking over a bunch of papers. I go see the blacksmith, Tom Sunday. Jimmy comes back for dinner and we talk about our options. Brian thinks we should go to Faith. We should talk to ____?

Dec 2
— Wake up, eat breakfast, go to see Tom and get my sword back: Brian gives me a letter to take to Willian Harrison in Faith. We can stay at Kyla‘s cousins house. Kyla gets attacked by a worg by the Baker farm.

Dec 3
8 AM: leave for Faith. See an undead Ivy walking back to Mountainview. Kill her, burn her, and keep moving. See Buck, also, undead, walking towards us. Kill him, burn him, and keep moving towards Greensword. Manticore sees us and attacks. Montia is unconscious. Kyla is near unconscious . I ride to Greensword and bring back Father Gelman. He comes back and heals, Kyla and Montia. A wagon comes from Greensword to bring Montia back to Greensword at 9 PM. Wil drove the wagon with Dillon and Jason.

Suitors Revenge Caves, where a lot of carnage took place.

Dec 3
9 PM: Pull into Greensword with Kyla, Montia, Father Gelman, Wil, Dillon , and Jason. Here we meet Brigham the Young. He is a bard in his mid-20s.

Dec 4
— Freddy is fixing our armor. Go to farmer Wilson‘s place to talk about the winged creature that’s been seen in these parts. Farmer Wilson told us to seek out farmer Joe. Farmer Joe told us about the creature. He described it as scaled, two wings, two legs, one tail spike, 50 foot wingspan, long snout with many teeth, three times the size of a cow, clawed feet. Brigham thinks it is a wyvern. This happened 10 days ago. We go see Erwin the Smith. Freddy, the cobbler fixed the leather armor.

Dec 5
— Wake up early and went to go to Faith via Valleyridge. 10:30 AM: Leave for Valleyridge, 35 miles away. 2:30 PM: Kill wyvern and take its poisoned tail. 8:30 PM: Roll into Valleyridge. Brigham seeks out Lester, the owner of the general store. Lester gets Dr. Willis to look at my injured head. Lester tells me about Phillip the blacksmith. He also tells us to seek out, Adam Blakely and Jonathan Smith, the two councilmen.

Dec 6
— Wake up in Valleyridge at 8 AM. Order a helm from Phil which will be ready in one week. Dr. Willis checked my head wound and re-bandages it. At 9 AM we leave for Faith. 2 PM: We travelled approximately 25 miles, halfway to Faith. We see a log cabin with a smoking chimney. 3 PM: 30 miles in we see another house. We go see if we can stay the night. This is the home of Elizabeth and Michael Grady and their two boys, Gregory and Dennis. We have dinner with the family and talk about the Avengers?!? and Faith. Went to bed at 9 PM.

Dec 7

— Wake up at the Grady Ranch, and have breakfast at 6 AM. Brigham decides to impersonate Vincent Johannes while in Faith. 8 AM: We leave the ranch and head for Faith. 12:30 PM: Cross the bridge. 4 PM: Ride into Kyla‘s cousin’s place in Faith. Home of Karl and Brenda Kourey. Brigham and I see the apothecary named Mordecai Finkelman and sell the wyvern‘s tail for 2000 gold pieces. He writes a cheque in Karl Kourey’s name. He says he’d pay handsomely for lich dust or carrion crawler brain. He gives us 200 gold pieces for the manticore spike. We go back for dinner. 8 PM: All four of us plan to get changed back into our regular clothes and go to a pub of Brigham‘s choosing. Carl said that he sent his man to try and fetch Willian Harrison for a meeting tomorrow.


~~ This is all Edmund saw in the one journal he found. Perhaps more are out there somewhere? ~~