To The Twins and Other Tales

Aug 13, 1134

While heading northeast towards The Twins we run into 100 soldiers led by Colonel Robinson “Giant Slayer” Smuts. We talk about the troubles in the land and he introduces us to Jeb Greene, one of the survivors of the pillage of Copper.

Then a bunch of other stuff happened, the details of which are a bit foggy in my mind:

  1. We went to the Mur, the northern dwarven caves.
  2. We found young Amy in Mur and she joined our group.
  3. We explored the ruins of Copper, Amy’s former home.
  4. We went back to Bastion for answers. Willard sent Amy away to Wolf Hill Academy because she was too young to venture with the group.
  5. Alistaira found us in Bastion, charmed us, and banished (teleported) us to Lehoo for roughly one month.
  6. We had various adventures on Lehoo:  Fought a displacer beast, met the friendly locals, battled numerous unfriendly sea creatures called locathah, and lost Barit.
  7. We got rescued by a lamassu and teleported back to Atlin, close to Mur. Inside Mur we took the dwarven highway south.
  8. Somehow we made our way back to Bastion and confronted a fake John MacEachern in the real MacEachern’s mansion. There were ninja bodyguards. Jon and Edmund captured the fake and brought him back to Willards for questioning.
  9. I had an epic air battle with Alistaira just outside the city walls of Bastion. She lost and died.
  10. We met Rouse when he was sent to kill us but we befriended him instead. Then we snuck out of Bastion undetected and headed for Finnsbury to find more answers.

Mur, The Northern Dwarven Caves