Trouble About Town

Morning of Aug 27, 1136, Bull and Grey Finch

I woke up after a refreshing sleep. I got up, packed all my things, and made my way downstairs to the pub. I was quite hungry. To my disappointment, however, it seemed that I had slept in late, and breakfast had already been served. It appeared I wasn’t the only one in a bad mood; the waitress Monice looked miserable in a corner of the room. What’s wrong with her, I thought.

Knowing that I wouldn’t be served, I went outside and wandered the streets of The Twins. I walked and talked for many hours, checking stores and the market, unsure of what to do since I was to go and talk to Mother Belda the next day. I wondered what I’m going to have to do. Will I have a partner? Where will I be going? I grabbed lunch out and about and went back to the Bull and Grey Finch only for dinner.

I decided that I wanted to go walk around some more and explore since I didn’t have anything better to do. It was also quite a beautiful night. My exploration took me to a rather seedy part of town, and that’s when I noticed something suspicious. Two men armed with clubs and daggers had been following me for quite a long time, and I recognized one of them from the Bull and Grey Finch; he usually sat alone at a table.

Street thugs, Denis and Trent.
Street thugs, Denis and Trent.

I decided to see if they were actually following me or if I was just being paranoid. I took four left turns around a building. The one I didn’t recognize followed me around the building while the other stayed. I stopped and waited for the man to pass me. The guy that followed me around passed and went back to his partner, trying not to make eye contact. I had a gut feeling that he might have taken something, so I decided to check my pockets and bag nonchalantly since it would look suspicious. Nothing seemed to be gone, but I still felt uneasy.

I looked back at the two men; they were a block away and seemed to be having a conversation. I couldn’t hear it over all the talking and music coming from the streets and bars. I walked past the pair and tried to hear their conversation. When I approached, I noticed that their lips were moving, but no sound was coming out. Yep, that’s suspicious.

I didn’t want to deal with these two, so I decided to call it a night and head back to the Bull and Grey Finch. As I made my way back through the winding cobblestone streets, I kept checking to see if anyone was following me. After a couple of minutes of walking, I noticed that the two men were still right behind me. They wouldn’t do anything in a crowded street, would they?

I saw an alleyway and went down it. The second I turned the corner, I sprinted down the alley and took a left. There was a small ratty-looking dog at the end of the alley, which started to bark as I came close and continued to as I passed it. I continued to run until I was sure I put enough distance between me and my pursuers. I continued on my way to the Bull and Grey Finch.

When I got near the inn, it was quite dark, and the number of people on the streets had dwindled. As I was walking along a street, I noticed one of the two men from earlier off to the side of the road looking at me. I muttered, “Venatorus Markus,” just in case, I thought. The second man, the one I recognized, was nowhere to be seen. Though I have a feeling he’s close. I passed the first man, feeling his gaze upon me. I looked back and saw that he had started walking towards me, and when I looked ahead, there was the second man blocking my path with his hand on his dagger. Here we go, right in the middle of town too.

I pulled out my sword from its scabbard, and the fun began. The locals scattered as they realized what was going on, leaving me alone with the two armed men. Several minutes of grunting, cussing, fleeing, and spellcasting went by, and I stood over the two unconscious, bleeding men on the ground. During the fight, my bag and sword had been scattered, and I was cut across the chest, nothing major, though.

A young boy no older than twelve poked his head around a corner and said excitedly, “Did you kill those two? Oh boy, you’re in trouble now.” I heard more muttering around me, stuff like: somebody get a guard, they’re dead, and he’s so handsome. Then I heard the voice of a young man coming from behind me. “You there, hands where I can see ‘em.” A second voice says, “What are you doing? What’s happened here!?” I turned around and saw two city guards standing behind me armed with lances. The first man said, “Did you do thi– ,” the second man cut him off, “Is that friggin Denis?” He pointed at the one I had been inspecting, “Who’s the other guy, let me guess, Trent, these fuckers, so what did they steal from you? Nevermind, I’ll go get help.”

Outraged, the first man says, “But I don’t want… fuck, so, how long have they been following you?” I and the guard talk for a bit while we wait for the second man to come back. Both guards look a couple of years older than me, maybe in their twenties. I could tell they’d been drinking since the guard that stayed with me kept smelling his breath and wincing. After a couple more minutes of awkward talking, the second guard appeared with an older guard, more composed and probably in his forties. He asked what had happened, and I gave him the full account of my evening, and he thanked me for what I had done.

Apparently, these two, Denis and Trent, had been making trouble for the city guard. He said he’d be checking up with me in the morning at the Bull and Grey Finch, 8 am sharp. He asked if I needed any help with my injuries. “I’ll be fine,” I said. I went back to the Bull and Grey Finch, had a beer, and then went to bed.

Early Morning of Aug 28, 1136, Bull and Grey Finch

I woke up to the sound of Monice knocking on my door, telling me I have a visitor. Since I slept in my clothes, I got up with my stuff and went downstairs. Monice wasn’t happy that she was up this early; normally Percy, the cook, would be the only one up at this hour, preparing breakfast. When I got downstairs, I saw the same guard that had thanked me last night at a table eating breakfast. I went over and sat down opposite him.

“I want to thank you for last night; you made my job a lot easier. Those two have been causing me and my colleagues a lot of trouble, Denis and Trent, I mean. And, by the way, don’t get in any more trouble.” He dropped a couple of coins on the table and left.

Why the hell did he wake me up so early just to tell me that?

Session Ended Aug 28, 1136, Breakfast Time, Bull And Grey Finch