Dawn Of A New Era

Pestilence-ridden deer have been found in the hunting lands around Egersund.

Ragnar’s Pub

Hunters at Ragnar’s Pub have been talking lately about pestilence in their quarry, especially deer. Lars, one of the local rangers, was sent out to investigate five days ago and has not been heard from since.

Dolf was approached by his church to check on Lars and the sickly deer. Lars was last seen heading up the north road.

Kristen, the buxom barkeep’s daughter, offers her sexual services to me before the fights later this evening.

Speaking of fights, Dagchristian is the guy to beat. Hope I see him in the finals. Dagchristian destroys Little Willy quickly while I one-punch knockout Oystein. My second fight is against Torstein and it’s a back and forth affair which ends with me knocking him out but not before he manages to land more frequently than I planned. I meet Dagchristian in the final.

It was a tough fight but Dagchristian, while on his last legs, managed to put me away. I had Hans bet against me and walked away with 10 silver. It would have been 2 gold, had I won. My face really hurts, as do my ribs, even with Hans’ aid. He’s a good fella, Hans.

I look for comfort in Kristen’s bed while my mind wanders to leaving the city tomorrow morning with Hans and Dolf. Any chance to get out of Egersund is a welcome opportunity. This beats running the mines anyday.