Dream To Death

Who knows where we are, but it’s mainly fog. Like everything except for the ground is fog. Thick soupy fog. I don’t know if it’s ground or floor, though, because I can’t see if there’s a sky or walls, or what. Biter is cool and bumpy around my neck; he’s chill so that makes me feel chill too. Everyone is here, so it will be fine. We can pretty much take on anyone together, especially because now I’m super good. Like SO good now. Good thing I’m wearing my dope hat, to show everyone that i’m a serious threat, but also cool. It’s rare that someone is both serious AND cool, and Safin really is the best example of this-in that he is NOT cool, but is VERY serious. When you say things that are truthful, Mabel says “one” should also say a nice thing (it can be a lie) too so that the person won’t notice that you saw their faults. So Safin, you’re also very good at killing. He can hear my thinking, right? It feels like he can…

There’s a bridge over there, and some big stone buildings with windows. They’re too far to see if people are in the windows, but I can almost see them dodging around inside those creepy fucking things. I just know they’re there. Maybe they have dog teeth. I shiver. There’s a low stone ceiling- so we’re standing on a floor. I hear a river, or at least cold water moving really fast. I don’t know if water inside is still called a river. Probably has some fancy name that I don’t know yet; should have spent more time learning words for things, but instead I dicked around with arrows and trying to figure out ways to shoot Biter like an arrow. HOW SWEET WOULD THAT BE!?

Anyways, there are some boulders behind us. They’re annoying me, because for whatever reason Biter doesn’t like them. Generally I trust Biter, because animals have instincts (knowledge that isn’t from the brain) that are WAY better than human ones. Even mine, which are fucking sharp. JUST LIKE THAT ARROW COMING AT US! It whistles through the air and maybe almost hit someone? I don’t know…did I maybe just blink? But then the boulders behind us are groaning, moaning, creaking like the stone doors in the dwarf caves. The way that they’re different from those doors, is that THEY ARE NOW WALKING BECAUSE THEY ARE ALIVE. Dammit. I thought this was maybe going to be a thing where I just wandered around in fog until it was over. So I just do some thinking, and I feel very powerful as I start to think about all my potential. Potential is the stuff you COULD do, but haven’t yet; it doesn’t really count unless you actually do it, though. Knowing that Linnfard has the potential to be Quinn makes me like Linnfard more, but also makes me angry if he doesn’t end up where he should. Linnfard better not fuck up his potential, because he is sometimes cool.

Rock Monsters
Rock Monsters

Oh yeah, the arrows. I summon (call, in magic talk) a power inside me. It’s from the same part of my body where my connection with Biter comes from, I think. It builds up in my fingers and behind my heart, and then I release it and shape it into a huge wall of wind in the middle of the river. It goes all the way up to the ceiling and into the water, and it’s like I folded a hurricane up into a smaller rectangle. No arrows can get through it, so we can focus on those rock monsters that are shambling towards us like two massive beetles. Well I guess beetles aren’t really slow to each other, just to bigger things, but these things are just actually slow. And we’re smaller than them, so what does that say?

Fucking arrows are still coming! Because ALL the buildings have shadows in them, and I can’t cover the whole length of the river with my wall of wind- i’m not strong enough yet. This makes me feel shitty. I’m good, but I still can’t completely protect my friends; they can’t rely on me like they should be able to after I have been saved by them so many times. It’s so frustrating being not as amazing as I know I can be one day. I just need to remember to keep practicing and working ALL THE TIME. Biter always makes me fucking blaze though, he thinks I’m the best. I think I shoot a few arrows at the stone monsters, and this makes me feel better because i’m helping. A LOT. I’m a key piece of the puzzle. Not a real puzzle, Biter, it’s called a METAPHOR. We’re fighting things right now! I don’t have time to explain to you, but OBVIOUSLY we’re not doing puzzle right now! Use your brain!

So then I walk towards my Wind Wall, because I need to. Just gotta dispel it, you know? Take that thing down. I do it, just let it go, and draw my bow. I unleash a whole bunch of arrows REALLY FAST. People are impressed. The shadows are impressed, but the arrows just don’t FLY right. They’re moving like they’re going through water. Nothing’s working. Biter is with me, though, which makes me feel ok. A whole bunch of arrows are coming at us. Those horrible shadows are like hornets in a nest. I hear the rock people crunching behind me, hopefully falling down. Whistling, wind and then I feel like 20 bricks thump into me. All the air and blood squashes out of me. Biter leaves, and I’ve gotta go too.

Session Ends: July 6, 1136 at 5pm In the woods of an unknown location on the Nordkapp continent.