Edmund Arrested

Archambault The Foppish Builder

While overseeing the re-building of Willard’s Manse, I got myself into a situation with Archambault, the master builder in charge of fixing up Willard’s mansion after the incident with Aerunda, the red dragon. After a heated argument concerning his thieving employees, the foppish fool stormed off the job, went to city hall, and must have convinced one of his more malleable and powerful friends to have me arrested. A small army soon arrived and presented me with an official document, showing that I’m being arrested on the grounds of threatening Archambault’s life. I refuse arrest and tell the general that I will be spending the evening overseeing the construction.

After some thought, and the fear of further punishment from Willard, I decide to leave Jon, Abby, and Linnfard in charge of construction and present myself to the general, spending an hour in jail.

I told Jon, Abby and Linnfard to keep an eye on things at the manse while I teleport back to The Cauldron to get it ready for our re-location. We’ve imposed on Willard’s hospitality enough for the time being and I felt it would be prudent to have a home of my own for a while. Willard would also probably appreciate another secure spot that he could use for his deviant activities.

I spent a few days moving Aerunda’s treasure and body parts to The Cauldron before going back to Bastion and checking on the progress of the construction. Archambault’s builders were both efficient and costly so I left the tail end of the project in Mabel’s capable hands and went to The Cauldron for an extended vacation.