Floyd’s Dream

Two orcs in the meadow.

I had a very peculiar dream last night, I was in the woods but they weren’t the woods I knew. I was wandering through the trees until I came upon a clearing, a wide glade in the shape of a teardrop. I had entered this glade from the point of the droplet and in the distance I could make out two figures. Not knowing if they were friend or foe I decided to be cautious, so I walked around the perimeter of the glade towards these two figures. I hid far enough in the trees to be able to see the figures.

The smell hit me before I saw them; a nasty stench of dead meat and feces. And in my head I thought one thing: “Must be orcs”. One of the orcs was almost double the size of the other one. They seemed to be poking at something dead on the ground, but this was a good sign. If I could smell them that means the wind is blowing towards me, enabling me to sneak off quietly without being noticed. As this thought crossed my mind, the dastardly wind changed directions, blowing southwards, directly at the orcs. I darted as fast as I could towards my left but not quick enough, one of the orcs raised its head and gave the air a sniff. Crouching behind a bush I could see the small orc grunt and nudge the other, pointing to where I was seconds ago.

They picked up their spears and started to approach the woods, the bigger of the two seemed to think that the other orc just imagined something because he grunts and starts walking back to where they were poking at the dead thing they found. The small orc decided to give the area one last look but, for some reason he started to sneeze and cough. This was my chance. I rose from my crouched position as I knocked an arrow. I let it fly right into the orcs ribs and it yelled a blood curdling cry. The big orc realized what happened and started yelling and running in my direction but not before I shot another arrow through the small orc’s neck. He crumpled. The large orc ran straight towards me and I shot an arrow at him, it pierced his right thigh but didn’t phase him while he ran past his dead companion.

I shot twice more, the first missing over his left shoulder, the second hitting him right in the chest. I dropped the bow and sought partial cover behind a tree as I unsheathed my rapier. This was in vain since the running orc fell twenty feet from me and then all was silent.

I went over to their bodies in turn, checking to see if they had anything on them that might be valuable, but found no such things. I walked over to the dead animal that the orcs were picking at but as I got closer I realized that it was a human corpse. There looked to be bloody pliers and human teeth lying next to the body in the grass and the person’s side and mouth were both covered in blood. Hearing caws from above I saw a murder of crows flying, and one solitary crow flew down to the tree above me and landed on a branch. It looked me in the eye and I looked at it and then, I awoke to find myself in my bed in Rick’s cabin.

Floyd’s Cabin (formerly this cabin belonged to Ranger Rick). Approximately 2 days east of The Twins, by foot.