110 lbs. Lighter

Stone gargoyle.

On an unknown tropical island. Mid day.

  1. On the second floor of the dungeon. Checked main room for secret doors. Found one in the corner.
  2. Readied for battle and opened secret door, which triggered the gargoyle to animate.
  3. We fought valiantly, Isadora was wounded to the point of unconsciousness. The gargoyle was defeated.
  4. I had to get Isadora back to Mother Belda at The Priory for healing as soon as possible so I rushed through the secret door passage.
  5. It lead to a room that contained a book titled, “The Folio Esoterica”. I grabbed the book, ran back to Isadora, and teleported both of us back by breaking the blue rod, as instructed by Belda.
  6. The teleportation spell took us back to Belda’s office. Belda magically brought Isadora back to the world of the awake. She summoned Cloynton and he took Isadora away for further assessment.
  7. I gave Belda the book and asked a bunch of questions about this island that she sent us to.
    • what’s going to happen to Isadora??
    • dead body and contract on the island dungeon??
    • animated statues???
    • island whereabouts???
    • the ring that Belda gave me (mind shielding magic of some sort)
  8. Belda told me to come back tomorrow at noon.
  9. I left The Priory and went back to Bull and Grey Finch for the night. Took a bath (Monice was extra salty about drawing me the back, and everything else really)
  10. Wandered around town.
  11. Went back to the Bull and… went to bed.
Mother Belda of The Priory.

Morning of Aug 26, 1136

  1. Got up early and went to The Priory after breakfast because I forgot that Belda told me to come back at noon. I was turned away by Cloynton because I was early, as if he was told by someone that I’d forget.
  2. Wandered around town for a few hours to pass the time.
  3. Went back to The Priory at noon. Got ushered up to Belda’s office. We talked:
    • Isadora was sent off to an orphanage (the same one I escaped from when I was 10) because…
    • Belda offered me another “job” for The Priory and in return I’d get to keep the ring. The job was to deliver a letter. The recipient would be disclosed if I accepted. I said I’d think about it and let her know tomorrow evening.
  4. As I left the church I was thinking that Isadora was probably better off not hanging around with me since I almost got her killed yesterday.
  5. This got me thinking of my old orphanage from 7 years ago and for some reason my legs just started walking me there.
    • Foolishly I thought I’d break in and say goodbye to Isadora but then, after hopping the fence to the orphanage compound, I thought better of the idea and went back to the Bull and Grey Finch for the night.

Session Ended Evening of Aug 26, 1136