110 lbs. Lighter

Stone gargoyle.

Third Level of A Dungeon, On an Unknown Tropical Island, Mid- Day

Using the light from my sword, Isadora and I searched the main room for hidden passages, since the notebook suggested that “There must be a hidden door here somewhere.”

After several minutes of silent inspection, with no witnesses other than the gargoyle statue, I came across a door-sized stone slab in the wall opposite the stone gargoyle. As I was trying to move the slab, Isadora readied for the impending battle, assuming our actions would animate the stone beast. I hope this works, I thought, as I pushed the odd stone with all my might. Luckily, the slab slid back into the wall on some sort of precise mechanism, revealing a passageway leading into darkness. As we feared, the stone gargoyle came to life.

The battle was quick but not painless for Isadora. She laid unconscious on the floor, mere feet from a pile of stone that used to be the gargoyle. She was losing blood fast and I knew the only person that could save her was mother Belda.

I ran down the newly opened passage, rounded a corner, and entered a small room. There was an old wooden desk supporting an even older looking book. The leathery spine of the book read: “The Folio Esoterica”. I hope this is the book Belda was talking about, I thought, as I grabbed the book and sprinted back to the unconscious Isadora.

I rifled through her bag and pulled out the blue “return” rod. I organized our stuff, grabbed Isadora, then smashed the blue rod on the stone floor like mother Belda instructed. For the second time that day I felt as If I had been compressed and then expanded in a matter of seconds. I was about to pass out when we arrived on the floor of a new room. As my senses returned, I realized the rod had worked and brought us back to the Priory. Belda came towards us as I was getting to my feet. Without a word she swooped over Isadora and uttered an incantation, one that I had never heard of before.

Slowly, Isadora began to awaken as Mother Belda called for Cloynton who briskly took Isadora away. I gave Mother Belda the book and started asking questions. The dead body we found turned out to be another pawn that Belda sent to the island to retrieve the book, hence the signed contract. I was quite concerned about Isadora, but mother Belda assured me that she would be fine. I asked about the animated statues on the island, and she told me that they were guards, placed there by a wizard to protect his book. I was also wondering about the island’s location since I’ve never been somewhere with a climate like that. She pretended not to hear me.

Belda asked about the objects she had given us. I hesitantly handed back the doll and the ring. I was quite curious about the ring and asked a bunch of questions. Surprisingly, she told me that it was a Ring of Mind Shielding and that it needs to be attuned to its user, before it would work. At first, I didn’t understand why she would say that because I thought she was gonna take it back. Then she said that I could keep the ring if I completed one more task for The Priory. She let me keep the ring for the night, and said I didn’t have to decide at that moment. She suggested I come back the next day with my answer, and the ring.

I went back to the Bull and Grey Finch, got some dinner, and took a bath. Laying in bed, I examined the ring, thinking about how Isadora was doing. I fell asleep holding the ring.

Morning of August 26, 1136

I woke up early, my mind racing. After breakfast I hurried to The Priory only to be turned away by Cloynton, telling me to come back at noon, just like Belda said. I didn’t know what to do to pass the time, so I wandered the streets of The Twins, aimlessly wandering store to store. Noon came and I went back to the church.

Cloynton greeted me at the front doors and led me to mother Belda’s office. Belda and I talked about where Isadora wound up last night. Belda decided to send her to an orphanage, ironically the same one that I escaped seven years prior.

Mother Belda of The Priory.

We then discussed yesterday’s job offer. Apparently I’d be paired up with some stranger to complete the task. She wouldn’t give me any details, but I learned that a letter needed to be delivered to some town on Atlin’s southern coast. She didn’t share the recipient or the reason why this letter couldn’t be sent through regular mail. Inspired by Rick’s stories and the amazing life he’d led, I accepted the job. At the very least it would lead to some interesting stories. Plus, I really wanted to keep the ring.

Belda looked indifferent to my decision and told me that I would meet my travel companion in two days time and to come back then for further instructions.

As I was leaving the church, I thought about how Isadora was probably better off without me and that I might have actually been a bad influence. Then I remembered how horrible that orphanage was. I didn’t like the thought of her stuck in there like I had been. My legs seemed to have a mind of their own because, before I knew it, I was standing beside the fence that surrounded the orphanage. I wanted to see Isadora again and make sure she was alright. After hopping the fence, however, I thought better of this foolish idea and went back to the Bull and Grey Finch for the night.

Session Ended Evening of Aug 26, 1136