Finally, this is where it gets interesting. It turns out that my master of 8 years Willard, and I, attended Francis’ funeral in Bastion. Willard told me that evil had sprung up in the north and that villages have been burned and pillaged. He wanted me to join the group of Jon, Abby, Barit and Mila and accompany them north. We plan to head out the next morning. Vinnik comes along and acts as my eyes and ears on our travels.

August 10, 1134

A messenger comes from the Bastion council and brings us the letter we are to give to Andrew in the woods. We are to give it to the guard and ask for Andrew. Apparently this guard is quite imposing. We eat lunch and head north (on horeseback) on a wide cobbled road. Farms and fencing last for 10 miles until we leave the farms and head into the hills and forest at a quick pace. We opened the letter that John gave us and it said:

Answer these friends’ questions freely.
John MacEachern

Flesh Golem
Flesh Golem

August 11, 1134

We finally arrived at “Andrew’s” cabin and triggered something that animated a flesh golem. We couldn’t do anything to slay this creature – my magic seemed useless. Sadly, Mila died at the hands of the golem. In the interest of self preservation we continued on towards The Twins. On the road we meet Christian Couver of the Gray Rock Monastery heading south to Bastion because his master just died. He displays signs of loose morals so we tell him to go back to the monastery.

August 12, 1134

We are intercepted by a group of 10 riders, lead by Robert Moss. They capture us. All sorts of fancy stuff happens. Jon escapes and frees me so I can finally be useful and work my magic. I charm some of the thugs and a battle ensues. We kill all of our would-be captors, except for one, Robert, their leader. We take him back to the flesh golem to see if we can use him for bait to get into the cabin. It doesn’t work. We do find out a lot of information. Robert and his hired thugs were hired by John to kill us all and bring Abby back to Bastion under the cover of night. We learn about Alistaira who is apparently bad news. I’m intrigued. We learn that John lives in a large mansion by the council building and is typically guarded by two dozen henchmen.

We continue towards The Twins, knowing for certain that John MacEachern cannot be trusted.