D&D Rules


We are currently playing the Dungeons & Dragons 5E rules.

  1. 5E Rules Reference
  2. The Full 5E Rules (PDF)
  3. Rules of Spellcasting
  4. Basic Rules for D&D
  5. D&D Spell Lists
  6. Monsters By Challenge Rating
  7. Monsters By Type
  8. Magic Items By Rarity
  9. Character Sheets

Why We Play?

This website exists so we can document our story over the years. The world of Atlin was created circa 2001 and is the brainchild of many people. We’re essentially a bunch of nerds that enjoy the game, and the process, and want to keep playing until we are crusty old raisins. Some of us have experience playing Basic D&D from the early 80’s and then Advanced D&D, including the 2nd Edition in Jr. High and High School. When we started the Atlin setting we played version 3 and 3.5 which served us well. We tried version 4 out for a bit and found it pretty lame so we then played the “beta” version of D&D 5. We are now fully using D&D 5 and most people seem to be enjoying the simplicity and awesomeness of the rules.

~ Elliot