A Book On An Island?

Floyd’s Cabin, August 23, 1136

Lizard person.

I woke up to the sounds of birds a’chirpin’ and ducks a’quakin’. Still groggy, I went downstairs to check on Isadora who was still sleeping – and still human. I made breakfast then woke her up. We found some gear for Isadora around the cabin and I packed up for our trip to The Twins. We set off West as soon as we were ready, taking the smaller hunting paths to avoid the busier main road further south.

As we were walking along the winding path in the late afternoon, we heard rustling behind us and saw a scaly humanoid figure darting from tree to tree, seemingly following us.

“Who’s there?”, Isadora yelled, trying to lure our pursuer out into the open while I knocked an arrow. The creature sprung out from behind the vegitation with surprising speed, and went for Isadora. It looked like a crocodile had a baby with a human. It collapsed after I shot an arrow into it’s leg, just as we saw another lizard person coming at us from the other direction. How many more are there? No time for arrows. I ran at it with my sword, putting myself between it and Isadora. I managed to kill it but not before he clawed me a bit. We then turned our attention to the wounded lizard who seemed really angry and back up on his feet. We flanked the wounded lizard-man and managed to kill him without much trouble. No more lizards came out of the trees. Wanting to avoid more such skirmishes, Isadora and I headed South until we hit the main road. Westbound again toward The Twins, we passed a family travelling in the opposite direction in their horse-drawn wagon. As we passed, the man at the reins gave me a dirty look.

As darkness fell, we set up camp away from the main road to avoid any unwanted traffic. I found a brace of conies for dinner while Isadora set up camp. We ate and talked but before long we were both asleep.

Aug 24, 1136 – One day East of The Twins

Jessies Irons, weapons shop.

Luckily, the second day of our journey along the main road was not as eventful as the first. Our only encounters were random strangers who paid us no mind. We arrived at The Twins in the late afternoon after passing through the various farms surrounding the city, bringing back fond and not so fond memories of my youth. I saw my old family farm from a distance and a man working the fields. Was he the man that stole the land from my family and put me in the orphanage? If so, I’ll deal with him one day.

We walked on through the city gates straight to the merchant’s square because Isadora really wanted to find a pair of good boots and a leather coat. I bought her a pair of leather boots and an oiled leather coat. We also stopped in at Jessies Irons, a weapon shop that had all sorts of swords, daggers, axes, and arrowheads. We didn’t wind up buying anything.

We did notice a young man following us in the streets but he wasn’t really good at keeping a low profile. He seemed to be keeping an eye on us both before and after our visit to Jessies Irons. We both kept a watchful eye on him but he seemed harmless.

Bull & Grey Finch Inn.

We found a decent Inn called The Bull and Grey Finch, owned and tended by a burly guy named Gustard. Monice was his only server but she wasn’t too fond of her job. She did show us to our room upstairs and served us dinner that night. Percy, the cook, kept to himself in the kitchen. It was nice to have a properly cooked meal indoors for a change. The inn was fairly quiet that night and sleep was welcome.

Aug 25, 1136 – The TwinsBull and Grey Finch Inn

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  1. Woke up at the inn, had breakfast, and headed to The Priory, the Temple of Helga.
  2. We were greeted at the entrance by Adept Cloynton who thought we were wasting his time with our lame story. After we showed him the note with the S at the bottom, his mood shifted toward the serious.
  3. He then took us upstairs to see Mother Belda, the head of the temple but not before adept Minerva dealt with our weapons in the front entry weapons check.
  4. Cloynton spoke with Belda in a closed room while Isadora heard the conversation inside. She heard that Cloynton was to keep us busy while “she” arrived.
  5. We soon found out that the “she” was mother Jana, the head of The Elium in Finnsbury.
  6. After waiting a quarter hour, we were ushered into Belda’s office to meet with Belda and the newly arrived (how???) mother Jana.
  7. Belda soon left the room and we were left with Jana. She assured us that Isadora was still in danger from the liquid she drank days ago and the only way to save her was to “fetch” a missing book for The Priory. Only then would the clerics of Helga be able to fully heal Isadora. We agreed to fetch the book.
  8. Jana told us to wait outside the office for another half hour and then brought us back in for instructions. She gave us a blue rod which she said would bring us back here once we found the book (how?!?!?!). She gave Isador a strange stuffed doll. She gave me a ring and told me to wear it. She then teleported the two of us to a tiny tropical island, fully surrounded by open ocean.
  9. We immediately got attacked by a fish person who we managed to kill. The island had a small ruin on it. When we saw several more fish people swimming our way in the distance, we quickly ran for the ruin and spotted two doors. We entered one of the doors and latched it behind us.

— end of session —