Zombie Town

Session started Aug 31st, 1136 2pm, outside Driftwood Tavern

Luke and I had just finished lunch at the Driftwood Tavern and set out to find Jacob. We walked to the nearest pier and asked around if anyone knew where Jacob was. For some inexplicable reason, Luke decided to jump onto a boat and yell for Jacob. This startled the old man sitting in his cabin, who owned the boat, thinking he was being robbed. I shouted at Luke to get off, but he refused, demanding an answer. The commotion attracted rough-looking fishermen from nearby docks who rushed over to intervene. I stepped aside, not wanting to get tangled in the mess Luke had created and make it seem like we weren’t together.

The fishermen interrogated Luke about jumping onto the old man’s ship, but Luke persisted in asking for Jacob. Things escalated when the fishermen drew their weapons, surrounding Luke. He used a bit of magic to put them to sleep, except for one who remained conscious and believed Luke had killed his comrades. Out of rage he drew his sword and charged at Luke. I intervened, punching the charging fisherman,
knocking him out, then turning on to Luke and delivering a blow to calm the situation.

More fishermen arrived, drawn by the noise, and found me standing over three unconscious fishermen and an stupid little blond boy. I pointed at Luke, instructing the fishermen to grab him. Luke was bewildered by my siding with the fishermen, but I explained his reckless actions. Luke attempted to flee, but I stopped him with a punch to the head, knocking him out. Meanwhile, the fishermen, confused by the unconscious bodies, rushed over to help their friends.I tried to explain that the fishermen were merely unconscious, not dead, but they remained skeptical. Luke had regained consciousness. They questioned our presence in their small town. I told them that we were with Oswald. They scolded me for being friends with him and causing a disturbance in his town. The two fishermen Luke had put to sleep woke up, they accused Luke of theft and sorcery, escalating the tension. Luke worsened the situation by gaslighting them. The fishermen had bound up Luke like a hog and gagged him with a grimy old rope in no time at all, watching their skillful hands create knots was a spectacle.

The fishermen I had punched praised my punch, and we conversed about how we ended up in their town and my association with Luke. After a few minutes, they decided to return to work, insisting on bringing Luke to jail. However, I persuaded them to let me take him to Oswald for judgment.

After they dispersed, I untied Luke’s legs, so he could walk. I kept him gagged to avoid his complaints and began walking him through town, avoiding main roads. I left him tied up outside the church near Oswald’s residence and set out to find Jacob.

I walked around the bay and found a ship called “Free at Last,” where a man was loading cargo. He was a skinny blonde man in his late twenties to early thirties, with a tan and a pipe in hand. I asked if he was Jacob and he was. I questioned him about why Oswald wanted me to meet him. He told me about his job exporting pearls and all sorts of legal and illegal cargo. He spoke of the attempts made at sea to steal them. They never did get stolen because he always had helpful friends aboard. He hoped I would be one of those people on the journey.

As we conversed, we noticed a strange figure emerging from behind a storage shack—a crooked, hobbling young boy. It was luke, he had escaped from the post and had purchased a sword for some unknown reason. It was hidden poorly beneath his cloak. Jacob, who had been expecting a second party and welcomed Luke aboard. We began speaking some more when suddenly, we heard commotion from town—yells and screams—followed by the emergence of seven zombies. We rushed back onto the boat, untied the ropes, and pushed off from the dock to open water, narrowly escaping the chaos unfolding in town.

Flames engulfed the town, with hordes of zombies overrunning everything. People fled in panic. We felt fortunate to have made it onto the boat. The old man Luke had harassed managed to escape on his boat, urging others to swim to safety. We couldn’t help but wonder if our actions had triggered the catastrophe.

Session ended Aug 31st, 1136 4:30pm