Driftwood Tavern

Amidst the everyday hustle and bustle of Andelie stands a weathered establishment known as the Driftwood Tavern. This rustic pub, with its timeworn wooden façade and creaking sign, serves as a haven for the locals who seek respite after a long day at sea. The tavern’s interior is dimly lit by flickering lanterns, and the air is thick with the rich aroma of saltwater, aging wood, and the hearty meals cooked in the kitchen. The bar, scarred by years of use, is tended by a seasoned barkeep named Olaf. However, for all its charm and camaraderie, the Driftwood Tavern has a reputation for being a place where outsiders tread cautiously. Locals, bound by a shared history and reliance on one another, regard the pub as an extension of their private realm. Visitors, especially those who haven’t earned the villagers’ trust through repeated visits or acts of kindness, may find themselves met with cool stares and a general lack of hospitality.

Owner: Old Seamus, a seasoned fisherman who decided to trade his net for a tavern. His wild beard and weathered face tell stories of a life spent battling the tempestuous sea.

Barkeep: Olaf, a grizzled man with a twinkle in his eye and a repertoire of stories that rivals the sea itself

Cook: Maggie, known for her simple yet delicious pub fare. Her fish and chips, seasoned with a secret blend of spices, are a local favorite.

Serving Maids: Bella and Noragale, a pair of solemn and weathered women who keep the tankards filled and the atmosphere drowsy. They are quick with a frown and prefer silence over banter with patrons.