Captain Quarters Pub

A welcoming pub perched near the water’s edge in Andelie. This establishment is constructed from sturdy timber and adorned with maritime paraphernalia. The pub’s warm, lantern-lit interior exudes a maritime charm, with nautical maps and ship wheels adorning the walls. The Captain Quarters offers a variety of freshly caught seafood dishes, accompanied by the finest ales from distant lands. Its patrons include traders, adventurers, and sailors who seek refuge after a day on the open sea. The lively atmosphere is enhanced by tales of distant lands, shared by seasoned sailors over mugs of ale. Locals often recommend The Captain Quarters to visitors, steering them away from the more traditional local haunt, The Driftwood Tavern.

Owner & Barkeep – Captain Grimsby: A seasoned sailor turned innkeeper. With a hearty laugh and a firm handshake, he welcomes patrons to his establishment, regaling them with tales of maritime adventures.

Cook – Gully: Gull, fondly known as “Gully” due to his uncanny ability to mimic seabird calls, is the culinary maestro behind The Captain Quarters. His specialty is a hearty seafood stew, a local favorite that has made the inn renowned among visitors.

Serving Maids – Coral and Maris: The serving maids, Coral and Maris, are the lively duo responsible for ensuring patrons’ tankards are never empty. With quick wit and infectious laughter, they add to the vibrant atmosphere, regaling guests with local gossip and lore.