Egersund Wide

The town of Egersund, population 20,000, is located in northern Atlin, on a major river, Helga’s Finger. The land is flat as fuck and I’ve never seen an ocean.

Lord Dag Svensen controls the town, politically and economically. His family owns 3 of the 9 mines in town. There is a town council composed of the 7 mining families.

  • Svensen
  • Gundersen
  • Aasland
  • Helseth
  • Karlsen
  • Larsen
  • Ulvang


Mining is the major inustry. Goods come up from the far south on rafts. The general feel of the town is good. Most people are happy and many are well off. It’s a very isolated community and most of the hard work happens in the summer. Winter is a time for leisure and celebration.

Egersund Detail

The peace is rarely broken but occasionally a raiding party of orcs attempts attacks on the mines. Tax money goes towards a city guard.

The church of Helga is prominent here as is the church of Uros, but to a lesser degree.

Egersund bell tower at the Temple Of Helga.

There is a farmers cooperative which holds a significant amount of power in the city, via crop pricing and distribution.