There’s No Place like Rope Trick

It’s 9am in Willard’s Manse in Bastion. I’ve been awake for a several hours, but remain in bed, just been lying here, relishing it. Being able to wake up on my own terms is a luxury I’ve grown accustomed to. I’m not skilled in divination, but I predict being sick of the cramped confines of Edmund’s Rope Trick in…

  • Jul 6, 1136
  • The New Era
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Jon’s Addendum

Granite, 8 am. For the last ten minutes I’ve been standing in silence, after telling them I had to leave soon. Sophia is crying, while Pete tries to get her to calm down. I’m trying to decipher the cryptic message I got early this morning, myself. I spent the first few minutes convincing myself that it was…

Questions Un-Asked

Mansion of Willard Kurtz, Bastion, Atlin 8:00 AM “Really, Abby?” I think to myself. The resulting mixture of laughter and disbelief cause me to nearly lose my balance during my morning calisthenics, but I manage to recover. Abby and Edmund make no attempt to muffle the primal sounds emanating from the bedroom across the hall….